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Denise Goodier, Girrawheen, WA

May 3, 2014



" My healing sessions with Nikki have been life changing. I have been able to deal with issues that have weighed me down for over 30 years. I feel free and at peace.

I am forever grateful"


Tracy Rawlings, Koondoola, WA

April 20, 2014

" For me the healing seems to be a way of releasing old emotions, wounds and traumas. This can only be a good thing, getting rid of these blockages that some of us have been carrying for years. It is like Nikki is in possession of a key, slowly unlocking memories within my cells, and by releasing the blockages both mental and physical I feel lighter, less burdened and have more confidence. I would say the healing Nikki had done caused a shift in my awareness, allowing me to release things quickly and not dwell on them like I did in the past. For anyone interested in this type of holistic healing, give it a go. You will start to feel energised, healthier and more relaxed within your body and mind"

(After 2 sessions with Nikki)

Lara Fernandes, Perth, WA

April 21, 2014

" Nikki'sHealing of Divine Empowerment was an effective and gentle healing that I would recommend for anyone. Nikki offers a wonderful service through holistic healings. Caring and understanding, and a pain I had endured for days was gone in minutes thanks to this healing modality. I highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering from any ailment, and I can testify to it's absolute power"

(After 1 session with Nikki)

Barb Smith, Crawley, WA

April 23, 2014

" I would highly recommend Nikki as as Energy Healer. Nikki has amazing gentle energy and is very easy to talk to. She has helped me to move several isssues out of my life that I thought I had long ago dealt with. I have had some major shifts and feel just so much more lighter, content and happier with my life and feel that I can move ahead with the blocks that were holding me back, now gone. Don't worry if you cannot recall any information as one of the biggest shifts I had involved an age I had no memory of anything being wrong in my life.

One of the sessions work on my cholesterol which was sitting at 9.3, now I have also dropped 25kg which also had a huge impact, but my cholesterol is now sitting at 6.6 without the help of medicine - not that I am saying to anyone that they should stop taking their medication, it was just I have only recently moved to Perth and had not had time to find a doctor so had not been taking anything for about 6 weeks. Wishing you all the best Nikki and thanks for all your help"

(After 3 sessions with Nikki)

Rebecca Atwell, Edgewater, WA

April 24, 2014

"I have so far completed 5 healing sessions with Nikki and it has been amazing. My first session I had a lot pain in my back. I have had a lot of physio therapy which had never eased the pain and I was going back once a week if not more. I had thought that my back would always be in a lot of pain and that nothing would work until I had my healing sessions with Nikki. My back is feeling so much better and after my sessions the pain is gone. After every session with Nikki I am left feeling happier and a lot lighter emotionally. I also suffer from migraines and have been since a young age. Nikki's healing always gets rid of my headaches and I have them less frequent. It is amazing what Nikki can do and I am extremely grateful. It has helped my life a lot in more ways than one and I will continue my healings with Nikki. I definitely recommend it"

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