The VibesUP Allergy / Breathe Deep Bracelets is all about helping people raise their vibrations and shifting all the low vibe things that drain us into High Vibe Solution that help uplift us into our genuine state of thriving.
Not just for allergy sufferers. Breathing well increase our oxygen which increases our energy and feeling of well-being.
The bracelets could also be called BREATHE because the contain gemstones and essential oils that are known to be helpful with ALLERGIES, HAY FEVER and increased oxygen intake all in a special patented vibe delivery that really works.
How Do They Work
Natural Blend of Plant Oils and Therapeutic Tiny Gem Spheres in a Liquid Crystal Coating brings these Natural tools up to a level we can actually feel working almost instantly. All this constant goodness is being sent to every cell via your bodies brilliant delivery system.
Playfully called the 24/7 IV Drip of Nature
Our blood is constantly circulating, bringing a special delivery of oxygen and nutrients to our cells and passes by our wrist every 60 seconds. When is passes it can pick up the helpful brilliance of nature from your bracelet bringing the vibrational message from nature of ALLERGY RELIEF.
Will it Totally Fix Allergies?
Probably not...
Whether it's 20%, 75% or 100% imagine being able to turn down the volume of something as life draining as allergies. It feels like a miracle, a miracle of nature. When we understand Vibrations, Miracles become a daily way of life.

Allergy Breathe Deep Bracelets

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