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Cold & Flu Comfort Flex Bands


Vibrational therapy on the inside.

Designed and may be beneficial in helping to deter and reduce Cold and FLU & their effects.

The INSIDE of this wristband holds what is known as the most unique secret deterrent to Cold/Flu Bugs to date. 

There is a squishy earth strip containing a natural healthy blend of gem powders, amplifying liquid crystal, flower essences and 11 essential oils known for repelling cold/flu bugs all in a special vibrational therapy delivery, sending out a Vibe that is extremely uplifting to humans yet sends out a frequency message putting you literally on a different vibe than cold and flu bugs.

How does it work? Our bodies are brilliant! Every 60 seconds all of the blood in our bodies passes by our wrist on its way to cheerfully deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells of our body. With your wristband near the blood that passes by your wrist, it can pick up a special message of healthy vibes from nature that are uplifting to your health and again sending out the ‘BOUNDARY’ Vibe to flu bugs!


*GRID your body suggestion. You can create a full-body Grid by wearing FOUR. One on each wrist and ankle. When you put specific energy in 4 corners, the area inside becomes that same energy.

*logo may rub off after some use*

Comfy Cold N Flu Bracelet

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