A water bottle that can do stuff!
*Can charge healthy EARTH energy into food and drinks.
*Assists in clearing non-beneficial energy from food and drinks (food and water absorb energy from their environment; our water is currently full of mobile phone frequencies and Wifi pollutants).
*Contains natures specific ratio of balanced Phi energy: The Golden Measurement" of which life is created.
*Helps Ouches? (Apply bottom of the bottle to an area to help shift discomfort - Not intended to replace medical care.
*May even increase strength and energy (Muscle test before and after drinking from your Earth Bottom bottle) Also test ANY other beverage from ANY bottle, and experience for yourself testing stronger with beverages from your Earth Bottom Bottle.
*The healthiest (Food grade 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free, sustainable, recyclable, a superior metal in both strength and safety that contains no harmful chemicals of toxins.
*Flip-top for easy drinking without removing the lid.
*Approx. 27oz/750ml (Fits in a car cup holder).
When you turn this bottle over you will see that it has a very special bottom. It contains healthy essential oils, liquid crystal and around 15+ gemstones also known for their therapeutic abilities. This uniquely balanced formula has been tested and shown to help clear non-beneficial energies, and assist in bringing a healthy infusion of good energy to anything it comes near. This is done with powerful sun-like rays of natural crystal piezoelectric energy which can deliver the healthy essential oil energy infrared deep into you, your food and your drinks. All of this goodness is amplified with our Liquid crystal formula.
What was that about helping Ouches?
We often have our water bottle with us. What if yours could help ease pain. Simply rest the bottom of the bottle on the area if discomfort, and within a short time you can enjoy a powerful shift in your discomfort (not intended to replace medical care) How does this work? High and low vibrational energies can not coexist. Pain and discomfort vibrate low. Yes, it is that simple! Turn up the vibration, and the low vibrations can dissipate. The Earth bottom not only vibrates very high, but is can also bring those helpful vibrations on an infrared deep level like the sun's healing rays. These powerful rays come from natural piezoelectric crystal energy, they are combined with helpful essential oil energy, and amplified with liquid crystal energy.

Earth Bottom Bottle Teal 27oz