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With over 20 Real Gems, over 40 Essential Oils, Flower Essence, minerals, amplifying liquid crystal, 1000's of Spheres of pressure activated CLEAR QUARTZ and BLACK TOURMALINE (producing over a million rays of piezo energy per second)


1. Send over 1 million Rays of Healthy Balanced Energy per second to your food, water bodies ect (piezo) Your body can do amazing things when it has the energy or Fuel to work with. Its bioavailable energy which means your body knows how to utilize it.

2. It breathes! It's NOT just about grounding. The Earth Mats are constantly feeding new energy IN and pulling Non beneficial energy out, just like the earth naturally does and how we breath in and out. This will not work on a voltage tester as it is literally CREATING its own ENERGY.

3. Raises Vibrations- A scientific fact, High and Low Vibrations can not coexist. Low vibrations include, disease, non beneficial germs, pain, depression, ants, parasites. Common sense would say it's a very good idea to raise vibrations.

4. IMPRINTS NATURE The infrared rays are passing through the nature ingredients of the mat, Essential Oils, Gemstones, Flower Essences and more. These rays can pick up on all the brilliance of Nature, helping to bring a constant imprint of these nature ingredients to everything it comes in contact with. The exact same way a computer imprints a movie onto a DVD!

5. Balance! Everything was once Natural and Balanced. When its balanced its harmonious and sustainable. it's only when its out of balance that it becomes destructive. The Earth Mats can help imprint the phi ratio or golden measurement ratio of 8 Feminine (-) Electron and 5 Masculine (-) Proton. To everything it comes in contact with REMINDING IT OF ITS NATURAL AND HARMONIOUS BALANCE.

6. Reminds our Cells. When something is in its 8- 5 phi balance it creates a special zero point energy. which is intelligent LIFE ENERGY. Example: A pine cone as 8 swirls UP and 5 swirls down. Where ever they cross or come together a SEED or LIFE is created. Same with the polarities of our cells. When they are reminded of their correct polarity ratio balance they can start to create energy from within. Imagine all the trillions of our cells GENERATING THEIR OWN ENERGY? How much more of our health and abilities would we activate? YEAH! Super Humans who would not need synthetic technology.

  • The Double Stuff Formula contains double the stones, Flower Essences, essential oils and Liquid Crystal, making the Earth Mat material extra potent with the yummy earth ingredients!
  • Puffy Crystals amplify the conductivity and strength of the Earth Mat material. By adding this formula, it creates tiny bridges for the energy to move through the base of our Earth Mat material. Testing showed by adding this ingredient, the Earth Mat material is several times stronger energetically and now works out both sides.
  • Zeolite is known to amplify Black Tourmaline awesome abilities by 40x and is known for detoxing the body of heavy metals and mycotoxins, balancing pH, trap/remove pre-viral components, balance immune system, is a potent antioxidant and has been said to aid in the prevention of major health challenges.
  • Super Shrunk aids in compressing the tiny quartz spheres to amply the piezo electricity!
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY. These mats are self clearing and self generating of energy. They run on their own natural batteries of Universal and Earth Energies.

    UNIQUE DELIVERY of EARTH ENERGY- Alive with waves of therapeutic nature energy... With a unique natural delivery system that pulses out gentle infrared rays of natural piezoelectric energy delivering the healthy vibrations of essential plant oils, therapeutic gemstones and liquid quartz crystal in a powerful and deep nurturing delivery beneficial to body mind and soul.

    Grounding, Ionizing, Vibration Raising & Earth Nurturing- Vibrational Therapy Mats for bringing the balance of nature back into our modern lifestyles. Pulls out the non beneficial energies and feeds back nature's nurture. Grounding has been shown to also help with pain relief, hormone balancing, inflammation and MUCH more. For sleep, sitting, work, school, car, homework, placemats and much more (see article with suggestions below).

    Suggested uses from my customer friends:
    Sleep, sitting, homework focus and clarity, EMF neutralizing, office chair, (stress and emf at work) timeouts, meditation, under bed sheets, food charging placemats, driving, restless legs, female cramps, back discomfort, pet mats, comfort, colds, electric vehicles, YOGA, trauma recovery, extreme stress relief and dieting.

    Mats contain over 80 essential plant oils plus liquid crystal & Gems of Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Banded Agate, Labradorite, Peridot, Smoky Quartz, Sunstone, Prehnite, Dalmatian Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Selenite, Rutilated Quartz, Mookaite, Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, Tigers eye, Rhodochrosite, Lapis, Sodalite, Picture Jasper, Orbicular Jasper.


    Mama nature's lap.The mat contains live extracts of flowers, plants, trees, and grounding gems in a liquid crystal & quartz sphere delivery system. A powerful and comforting piece of mother nature. Imagine a mat that like mama earth can gently pull out the things that do not benefit us both physically and emotionally and replenish us with the live energies and brilliance of mother nature. Living grounded is life changing.


    Can help with: Grounding a House & Grounding the body, Physical toxins, Emotional toxins, Sleep, Under childrens sheets, Sitting, Homework Foucus & Clarity, EMF neutralising, Meditation, Driving, Restless legs, Pet Mats, Comfort, Trauma recovery, Extreme stress relief.





Earth Vibrational Therapy Mats

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