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The BEST protection is to 'Raise our Vibrations.' 
The Rose is one of the highest vibrations in nature -320 MHz, This explains why Roses have traditionally been given to cheer a person or help them get well and has commonly been a sign of protection. ROSE is the highest Vibration in all of Nature. High and Low Vibrations cannot co exist. Germs, Illness, Depression and Hate Vibrate low. No wonder Roses have been brought to the sick or sad and given to invoke LOVE. Rose is also a symbol for protection. Now we know why. Non beneficial energies cannot thrive in the frequency of ROSE.



Lotus infuser locket with REAL LOTUS OIL. Apply oil to colour pad place in the locket and as the heat of your body warms up the pendant the delicate intoxicating scent of lotus is gently dispersed right under your nose!
Change out the colour pads to match your mood or outfit!
Lotus is a rare and delightful oil. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to reach a state of ecstasy! Great for an everyday happy boost!
We tested lotus from around the world and this was the BEST, we have it hand carried out of Egypt. It is so precious and we are grateful to have a connection who does this for us!


LEAF – HEALTH OIL – The health oil in this locket is used for general health.


TREE OILS-Comes with bottle of actual tree essential oils, including the rich beautiful scent of cedar. The scent is activated as the stainless steel pendant is warmed up by our body heat. (You can also use with your own favourite essential oils)

Essential Oil Diffuser Locket - 4 Styles

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