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Clear Quartz Craystal from Brazil

Infused with Rose, Grounding & Sage Oils. When we bring together both universal energy & Grounding energy we are most connected and at our best. Sage Oil makes this crystal self cleansing; it's okay to let others touch.


Sizes vary from 2cm - 4cm


One of the most powerful health tools and energy amplifiers on the planet! They are amazing Lasers, Computers, TV's modern day medical equipment, most technology in fact, are all made from crystals, their energetic abilities are vast.


Kirlian Cameras show holding one will double your biomagnetic (protection) shield. They are known to protect from radiation, aid concentration and memory, raise your vibration to the most perfect state possible, dissolve Karmic seeds, enhance psychic abilities, filter distractions while meditating, and is the most efficient receptor for programming.


This special crystal is infused with one of the highest frequencies nature has, Pure Therapeutic quality Rose Oil (320 MHz) and an oil belnd (grounding) to keep you centered, focused and strong. Finally, Sage was added to the blend to make this crystal self cleansing of any negative energy.

Heaven & Earth Crystal

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