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One size fits any and all finger

Earth ionizer 'Life Purpose INTENTION RING'

Includes Travel size FingerOlogy Chart and 7 ways to experience this unique and purposeful ring. 

These Gemstone Rings come in various colors and are coated with a vibrational therapy formula that has flower essences, essential oils, liquid crystal andnatural batteries of tiny crystal spheres.

Seven ways to experience your ring :

 1. Intending

2. Shifting- 

3. Body Talk- (Kaitlyn's Favorite)

4. Reminding 

5. Earth ionizer and Raising Vibration.

6. The Ultimate 'Life Experience' Graduation Ring

7.  A Visual Nudge to Stay in the FLOW 


Thumb  = The Master of Manifestation / Success - The Doer
Traits:  Competence, Enthusiasm, Focus, Tangible Results, Wise use of Will, Builder / Creator

Index Finger / Jupiter=  The Master of Power - The Leader
Traits:  Influential, Powerful, Decisive, Courageous, Independence, Leadership, Confidence

Middle Finger / Saturn  = The Master of Responsibility - The Business Person  ​

Traits:  Responsible, Organized, Reliable, Accountable, Resourceful, Money Wise

Ring Finger / Apollo = The Master of Creativity  - The Artist ​
Traits:  Creative, Unique, Authentic, High Profile Person, Performer, Observant, Creative Explorer

Little Finger / Mercury​ = The Master of Communication - The Author / Speaker    

Traits:  Mental Quickness, ​Translator, Messenger, Self Awareness, Excellent Lister, Motivational 


Left Hand: 

Thumb = The Master of Family / Tribe / Community 
Traits:  Team Player, Loyal, Community Oriented, Cooperative, Matriarchal / Patriarchal, Good Self Care

Index Finger = The Master of Living ones Passions
Traits:  Lives Passions, Self Aware, Good Boundaries, Self Empowered, Emotionally Independent 

Middle Finger / Saturn​= The Master of Integrity / The Mentor
Traits:  High Personal Integrity, Role Model, Teacher / Mentor, Principled, High Values, Persistence

Ring Finger / Apollo = The Master of Self Approval / The Innovator
Traits:  True to Self, Innovation, Self Acceptance, Experimental Nature, Strength under Pressure, Resilient

Little Finger / Mercury = The Master of insight / The Mentor
Traits:  Inspiring, Mental Agility, Clarity, Intuition,