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REAL EARTH, Vibrational Therapy CORK WALLET

A unique wallet eith TRIPLE PURPOSE

1. Made from beautiful cork the sustainable kindness leather.

2. Attracts Abundance? Special piezo energy inner coating of abundance formula.

3.Real harmoniser insert - Natures zero point energy is knwon to help neutralise the non beneficial effects of electronic energy including credit cared microchips.


Lighten up

Another benefit for women, is that the cork wallets are feather light. Having a purse full of heavy items can cut across our shoulder muscles, throwing our whole body out of balance creating potential neck, back and shoulder issues; even possibly headaches.


WOW Factor

These wallets are such beautiful eye candy, that every time you pull out your waller you may notice people oogling/drooling over your wallet, asking "OMG where did you get THAT"


Real Harmoniser Insert is our patenmted Earth Energy formula of essestial oils, gemstones, flower essences in an amplifying Liquid Crystal squishy delivery.


Disclaimer: The above information is not a claim for healing, prescriptions ot healthcare information.

Ladies Flip Style Cork Wallet

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