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Pocket Deodorant- smell good any place, any time!

The Healthy Pit Stop! Deodorant is something we use every day that has a direct  and powerful impact on our health and wellbeing. Deodorant goes directly into our glandular system & mammories (boobies).Common sense says do not use poisons in this area!


~Glides on Soft, Silky and YUMMY smooth
~FULL of amazing essential oils (for Health, Courage, Mood enhancing (Joy), letting go of stress)
~Beautiful Eco Friendly REFILLABLE container! 

~Turns Bacteria to Salt
~Re Harmonized Ingredients 
~Tested by German Bio Resonance to be HEALTHY



This deodorant is very, very unique!

I have put much thought and testing into an experiment that I am extremely excited about RE-HARMONIZING ingredients. The bottom of the deodorant container is a special blend of crushed crystals that re-harmonize the ingredients!!

My intention was to have a healthy Deodorant that actually worked.

My thoughts were that everything was once natural, when we scientifically start to monkey with things, process them and get them out of balance they can become unhealthy and destructive to us and their environment. What if I could rebalance or re-harmonize ingredients? The results were surprising and exciting! 

In my surveys I asked "Which would you rather have? A deodorant that was totally natural and kind of worked, Or A deodorant that is mostly natural with a few scientific ingredients  that helped make it super effective AND these ingredients have been re harmonized to be good for you? The answer was always the same they wanted a deodorant that worked. They wanted the re-harmonized version. So, I set about creating this formula! At the bottom of the deodorant container is a re-harmonizing blend (nature's phi 8-5 frequency) and in the top of the lid is a beautiful gemstone Vibrational Charging coaster.

I was thrilled when the German Bio Resonance tests showed that the VibesUP re-harmonized deodorant was MUCH healthier than even the MOST natural deodorant I could find on the market that surprisingly tested harmful to the glandular system.
I am grateful to have access to the German bio resonance testing which give us the ability to know exactly how the product affects our system. I was like an expectant mother waiting for test results. Is my baby (the deodorant) healthy? I was so happy when the test results came back as YES VERY HEALTHY!! It had been re-harmonized! This deodorant is not only effect it is literally a health treatment for our mammories, glands and uplifting to the body mind and soul.


High and low Vibrations cannot co-exist like a light bulb cannot be on and off at the same time. Germs, Disease, Depression etc. vibrate low. Raise the Vibration and these lower frequencies cannot thrive. Additionally if your body had enough life force energy it would have more energy to do its natural self-healing it was designed to do.


Pocket / Travel Size Vibe Deodorant

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