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These beautiful pieces of golden orange Calcite are the VibesUP Sunshine Nuggets! 

What a great piece to add to your crystal collection!

I love calcite, it's so shiney and delicious looking! These cheerful nuggets of orange calcite we have nicknamed SUNSHINE nuggets and infused them with the energy of JOY and ABUNDANCE. 

In my testing of the human energy field I find the most common chakra needing nourishment is the sacral or the ORANGE chakra. Add more orange food, clothing and crystals to your life when you can. 

The orange chakra is our creation center, for women it is our sexual center and if there has been any fear, trampling or disrespect in this area it can cause this energy center to contract and shut down. When an energy center is not working correctly it can affect not only the ability to create or manifest but also health challenges can develop because of a lack of energy in this area.

This understanding makes Embracing Orange feel even more like SUNSHINE.

Sunshine Nuggets

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