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IMAGINE YOUR CHILDS TOY BEING A NATURE IONIZER, Lays FLAT like a Pillow than velcro under strap transforms it into a 4 legged pet.
Contains VibesUP Vibrational Therapy Formula with extra formula of PEACE, CALM & LOVE

These are our new special therapy pets, with our patented earth energy formula Of essential oils, gemstones, flower essences in an amplifying liquid crystal squishy delivery in each pal. A happy little therapy pal for young and old! Nature knows how to nurture! Makes a great lap desk for charging meals or helping balance EMF from Ipads, ect. 

These pals help clear out the ickies and help you to feel safe and loved. Brings love, grounding and nature energy to anyone who hugs their furry little bodies. Super cute! Each one seems to have such a different look on their face and personality plus.

(We ask them which one wants to go out and spread some love for each order!)



*Not recommended for children under 3 as there are small parts that may pose as a choking hazard

 Disclaimer: The above information is not a claim for healing, prescriptions or healthcare information.

Therapy Pillow Pal

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