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Stainless steel is a safe option when it comes to using with food and beverage, as there are no chemicals that can migrate into your food from this product.




TASTE your water tasting slightly SWEETER at the HIGHER VIBRATION 
TEXTURE: your water feeling SILKIER at the higher vibration
ALIVENESS: your water tasting like it's ALIVE and at the healthy high VIBRATION that water should be!
MEMORY: Water takes on the properties of what it is around. We are designed to drink from creeks where the water has been flowing across rocks, plants & minerals picking up on these properties.

The GEMSTONE DISC on the bottle of these beautiful bottles has a renewable energy technology that can help imprint, GEMSTONE, ESSENTIAL OIL and FLOWER ESSENCES  through your bottle to the water with its INFRARED style delivery of REAL NATURE!



Earth on the Bottom Bottle

Stainless steel is a safe option when it comes to using food and beverage as there are no chemicals that can migrate into your food from this product.


A water bottle that can DO stuff!

  • Can charge healthy EARTH energy into food & drinks (We are designed to drink water directly from the earth via creeks and wells)
  • Supportive in clearing non-beneficial energy from food & drinks (food & water absorb energy from their environment; our water is currently full of cell phone frequencies and WiFi pollutants)
  • It contains nature's specific ratio of balanced Phi energy: 'The Golden Measurement' of which all life is created.
  • Helps Ouches? (Apply bottom of the bottle to an area to help shift discomfort - Not intended to replace medical care)
  • May even increase Strength and Energy (Muscle test before and after drinking from your Earth Bottom bottle. Also, test ANY other beverage from ANY bottle, and experience for yourself testing stronger with beverages from your Earth Bottom Bottle)
  • Reusable (Saves the Earth from Plastic Bottle Pollution)
  • The Healthiest! (Food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel, BPA Free, sustainable, recyclable, a superior metal in both strength and safety that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins)

*Care information below



This special Earth water can help hydrate, aid in raising your healthy vibrations and bring in more of the earth's natural balance to your body. German Bioresonance tests show that any water that sits out for more than one minute will take on the vibrations of the wireless and electronic energies around us. These same tests show that the water put in this bottle becomes cleared of this non-beneficial energy and can help recharge it with healthy earth frequency. In our natural state of being, we would be drinking water directly from the earth via creeks a