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Vibe Bracelets - It's in the Coating!


Stone types will vary between and within themes :) Our bracelet variety is not limited to the pictures given.


Words cannot describe how amazingly these bracelets work! Natures Blend of Plant Oils and Therapeutic Tiny Gem Spheres in a Liquid Crystal Coating brings these Natural tools up to a level we can actually feel working almost instantly. It feels like a miracle, a miracle of nature. When we understand Vibrations Miracles become a daily way of life!

Even though the coating may wear off over time, the beneficial effects of the coating never goes away!


Amazing Benefits. 


Like a large antenna helping us attract specific good energies.

  • Raises the good energy value of food or beverages in 10 seconds.
  • Helps us hold our Vibes UP making it easier for us to transform and heal negative energies and blockages.




Available Themes:


Abundance & Prosperity, Allergy Relief, Balance (Work, Life & Hormones), Clarity & Memory, Confidence (Courage & Fear Releasing), Depression Relief, Energy & Motivation, Forever Young, Health & Wellness, Immune Boost, Joy & Inspiration, Love, Metabolism Boost, Pain Relief, Passion (Libido Boost), Protection from Negativity, Stress Reduction, PMS & Will Power. (EMF only available in cork bands) 



Vibrational Therapy Bracelets - 19 Themes

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